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Favorite Restaurants Closest to Xanadu

Xanadu guests are so lucky, you can walk down the tree lined driveway and across the road to the famous Arbutus Ridge Golf Course and Dining Room. Arbutus Ridge have a wonderful restaurant that is open daily from 8 am until 8pm. The restaurant has beautiful views out over the valley and the Gulf islands. Personally, I love to eat there. The food is great, fresh and not overly expensive. They have a great wine list of local wines and ciders, and my youngest daughter even works there as a server.

My other favourite places to eat are the Rock Cod Cafe in Cowichan Bay for seafood and fish and chips, followed by homemade ice cream at the Udder Guys.

I also enjoy wood fired pizza and fresh foods from Merridale Bistro and Orchard Cookhouse. The restaurant overlooks their orchard and is lovely. They also serve their wonderful ciders. My personal favourite is Merry Berry. Yum..

For a special evening out my all time favourite is Unsworth Winery. They have a magnificent restaurant that overlooks their beautiful winery and the hills of the Cowichan Valley. The food is local, fresh, is delicious and I am getting hungry thinking about them. Definitely worth a visit!

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